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Day 644

Freedom from the Table: Radiation Therapy Ends

I didn't sleep at all last night; I was nervous about my last day, my final day, the 44th day of treatment.

I took the subway 2 stops to the hospital and sat in the chair where I always sat, after I filled my refillable cup with water. Boris, a 70 year old patient, stopped by to chat (well, he mostly talks at me....) because today is his last day as well, day number 28.

I doodle on the arm of the chair where I've sat 44 times; on the left arm, I write out an ancient Hebrew prayer for healing: אל נא רפא נא ל", ana el na refa na la .... on the right, well, you see the results above.

My son arrives and we chat until it's time: I go into the machine for the last time, Bob Dylan's "New Morning" perking along. The radiation passes over me one last time.

I hug Pam, Laura and Justin, they sign the mold which kept me in place five days a week since the first week of September (see above.) I give them the gifts I carefully prepared for them, and Sonny and I go out for breakfast.

And I'm healed, mostly.

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