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Day 711

GCSE results

I woke and cried when I thought of Ma.

Then I remembered Apple. GCSE results!! He had 50 points, just two ahead of what he needed to get into the Sixth Form. So he’s in! But he can only study Geography, Politics and Classical Civilisation. That’s not him at all. I wonder if he should be doing the IT diploma. Difficult decision. Apple thinks all alternatives are not great because they all mean more work.

Buddy is in London. I was especially nice to Ma. I suggested we go out. She looked horrified. I let her be. I went for a walk with Tina’s motley lot. Quite dull. But the countryside sparkled and I enjoyed it.

Amazingly Ma's flat has been let on the very first showing. K’s furniture is sparse and small which helps to make the flat look bigger. Buddy doesn’t even need to go to the flat tomorrow evening to show around the other two couples. K described the flat as ‘uncivilised’. She is from South Korea. We are old world. She is new. Buddy met her daughter and said she looked like Kim Kardashian. A real diva. Interesting.

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