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Day 692

Getting to Sri Lanka

The holiday we have been dreaming of has finally arrived. We are in Sri Lanka. Beautifully warm, bustling and colourful. We were too tired to do much today. We left home at 12.30 yesterday and got to Colombo at 11 this morning. We flew in a massive airplane which bounced horribly as we flew over the tip of India. I could hear the wind whistling around us with enormous force. We were travelling at 10 miles a minute. I’m amazed what planes can put up with. I was grateful that no one around me showed their fear. Only me, clinging on to Beloved’s hand.

I watched two interesting films: Lysis, a German film about a father and son who had been estranged for 10 years. First time together they take a kayak down a gorge and bad things happen. Really gripping, intimate and impressive.
The other one was called The Girl in the Fog, an Italian murder mystery which was incredible in its twists and turns. Not like the first film: not possible, no reason for what happened, unnecessarily cruel.

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