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Day 498

Ghosting is cowardly and I'm calling bullshit on it...

I've been ghosted a number of times, often by some very fine women, and it's always bothered me. I don't take it personally (anymore), but I think it really reflects on the character and integrity of the person who is doing the ghosting.

WID sort of broke my heart (well, it wasn't really broken) but I have to say, she was honest about it. Not like the woman I went out with last night: I sent her a video this morning of a performance we had discussed on our date, and whereas before she would usually respond to my messages within the hour, today she just didn't respond at all. I sent her a second message this evening after attending a performance I recommended, and I'm quite sure she won't respond to that as well.


My last message will be this:

"I know you're ghosting me; it shows you are rude and lack integrity. Good bye and good luck."

Seriously, how do you call yourself a mature person and carry on with that kind of behavior. I've heard that there are some women out there who do it to protect themselves, but I'm sorry, I'm calling bullshit on that one. Just be kind, okay?

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