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Day 481

Gimping along....

So a man pushing 60 decides that it would be a fine time to take up the sport of basketball, so he joins a club where he believes there will be other beginners, and the class is called "back to basics," so you would think it would be easy peasy.

But it was not: it was a bunch of highly competitive 20 and 30-somethings who are quite serious about basketball. So this geezer decides to push himself to keep up with the kids, and manages to #### up his leg.

So he goes home, puts some ice on it, and decides to continue on his merry way, and lay off the basketball for a week or two. Geezer goes to work, climbing stairs all day, and goes swimming, does tai chi, walks long distances, and has lots of hot sex with his new flame.

Only thing is that the geezer's knee is not enjoying even this "lighter" activity and decides to rebel. The knee swells up, the muscles up and down the leg start to tighten, and pretty soon the Rav is not a full fledged lame-o gimp. None of which makes the Rav happy.

Mucho couch time for Rav..... boo hoo.....

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