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Day 209

Good luck

The ex husband is getting married again. I was told by my friend who we all share a mutual friend with. She thought I should know in case I found out otherwise and felt let down by her. I appreciate the gesture.

I wasn't surprised or upset. People asked how I felt and said it was ok to need some time to process it.

The truth is, I couldn't care less. I'm glad he's moved on, I just feel bad for the next wife who he will probably also repeatedly cheat on. And she has children so that will be worse for her.

I wish them all the best.

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  • Only Me Only Me
    41 months ago

    I love your friend, she sounds like a solid pal. I often wonder how I would feel, but like you, I couldn't care less. Life moves on. And you are clearly in a better place. If you were bothered, then there is an issue. x

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