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Day 75

Goodbye 'Mommy Dearest'

Turning 48 tomorrow. Had to block my mother & brother this morning. He needs more therapy than I can recommend. And, I'm in total shock right now after realizing that all of my life I have been raised by a crazy mother.

It's just now sinking in. Some of it is making feel better. My really awful, awkward childhood makes so much sense now.

My overly positive attitude now makes sense too. I basically raised myself since 9/10.

It never ends until you cut the ties...


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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    6 months ago

    Sad so Sad
    You are a product of your childhood
    So much Pain & Suffering has left your memory scarred
    Your blueprint will never go but you can build on it , move forward leave the hurt behind it is there problem not yours
    You are the survivor
    You have a Life to Live so go out and shine in your wonderful world
    Sod all the idiots you leave behind
    You are a wonderful person many people will embrace you for the kind person you are.

  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    6 months ago

    You're so sweet. Thank you. It's sad to read the truth facing me. XO

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