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Day 42

Goodluck, lovely friend!

WFaL is currently undergoing, or has undergone some surgery to help make her feel loads better. I'd like to wish you the best of luck, and we'll all speak to you very soon; love you lots like a bunch of jelly tots! I have faith that you will be okay, 5% is nothing! Compared to the 95% that you will be fine. :)

Speak soon! Best wishes and good luck!

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  • White Dog White Dog
    79 months ago

    I'd like to add my very best wishes for WFAL to this post and to reiterate what FlyAway has said. xx

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  • Emilia Emilia
    79 months ago

    Wishing WFaL a successful operation, and a speedy recovery...we'll all be thinking of her..xxxx

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  • Thinking of her too and sending cyber love and thoughts out to a lovely lovely person xx

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  • FlyAway FlyAway
    79 months ago

    Thanks, guys! I think she will really appreciate it! I hope! HAHA! We should hear back soon enough. She is a very strong lady. xxxx

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