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Day 199

Had enough of step son

School only started back yesterday and he skipped the whole day. His preoimpreli exams start on Thursday, he hardly done any studying over the holidays. Yet he skipped school today.

Before the holidays we had a parents evening and it was a terrible report, he missed classes, never paid attention in class, never tries in class. Me and his mum spoke to him at length about how important it was, all we got was "I know, I know" he says he understood it all and now thist today.

He got spoiled rotten for Xmas and his birthday last Sunday. We gave him the last of our money. And he just skips a whole day of school.

His excuse was he www ill but he never mentioned it when he got up for school, had a shower and got ready for school. My wife dropped our youngest at school then came back home instead of going to work as she was genuinely ill, step son seen her coming back and ran up to his room where he hid all day.

I wish he'd #### off and live with his father.

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