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Day 525

Hanging with 2 exes in one day; very pleasant...

Ex#1, my most recent (the little sexy one who broke up with me in mid-March) went with me on an excursion to a food festival today. We hadn't seen each other since she called it off, but around Easter I sent her an email wishing her a nice holiday, and we've gone back and forth.

She looked good (as always) and talked the ear off everybody in sight. And to anyone else, it might have been annoying, but to me, it was who she is, and that kind of charmed me. We wandered around, sampled all kinds of foods, then went out for coffee afterwards.

At the coffee shop, she quizzed the barista about all the offerings, gave an order then changed it midway. She apologized, and I smiled at her, cradled her head in my hands (she's much shorter than me) and whispered, "please don't ever change..."

Later on in the early evening I was sitting in my front yard when ex-before-this-ex (and my neighbor) came by and sat down. "There are too many people at my house," she said, meaning her ex-husband was there, which always makes her unhappy. So we sat and talked GOT and laughed together.

Gotta love exe's....

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