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Day 67

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day to All the Moms Here

Honeybun and I had decided to spend the day apart with our respective mothers, rather than split the day between our mothers as we'd been doing previously. The day actually went better than I anticipated. Mom, Dad, and I rode around in Dad's new suv (that he'd bought the day before), had a few alcoholic beverages, and watched two movies. Mom was pleasant and didn't say anything unkind about my relationship with Honeybun. I'd ordered her a purple martin birdhouse, and it should be arriving tomorrow. I told her a suprise was coming a bit late, and she understood and was grateful. I thanked her for everything she's done and for having given me such a beautiful childhood. Growing up, my life truly was magical and full of love.

Honeybun gave his mother the letter I'd written for her, and it apparently moved her to tears. Honeybun is a man of very few words, and it's difficult for him to express himself verbally or through writing, so I'd taken it upon myself to express how grateful we both were of her. I also thanked her for raising the man of my dreams with such strength as a single mother.

All is well

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