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Day 309

Hard night

Baby gave us our first sleep deprived night last night. He was going only an hour a d three quarters between feeds. Feeds are counted from when they begin, not when they end, so I was spending forty five minutes feeding him, to put him down for an hour to be back up again. Lots of falling asleep whilst feeding, lots of passing him to husband for burping and settling down so I could sleep.
I'm busy expressing with my electric pump whilst husband naps on the sofa. I'm going to give him this milk for babies medicine bottle, do the dishes and go to bed.
I think the lack of sleep is the hardest thing to deal with. I can deal with his upsets, the poopy nappies, the weeing all over us when the nappy is off. But I love my sleep, and so does my husband. We're hoping to pass that love onto the wee beastie soonish lol

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