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Day 23

has it really been so long

oh my oh my, i havent written anything since april, has time passed by so quickly? college, help mother, housework, summer holidays, summer playscheme, back to school, housework, dinners, shopping for mother, appointments, take other people for shopping, housework, dinners, washings...... where does it end. on the plus side, no babysitting for other people, no running around after other peoples children occasionally getting up to see my bestie for a few girly hours.
its amazing how when youve had enough of all the running around after people and the dramas that surround them, they can actually get on with it without phoning you every two minutes to come and get trouble, to listen to all the sob stories etc. the morale of the story, dont be available 24/7 and they will get on with it because they have to. i will help anyone in a crisis but when its every 2nd day at least it pisses you off. you become the pessimist you never were but thats just lifes journey isnt it. we grow and change. the people you knew long ago are always different to how you remember them as do you also.

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