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Day 608

Haters at Work....

My school used to be a tiny place - pre-k through 8th grade, 10 grades, 10 classrooms, 10 teachers, plus some admins, assistants and specialists like me. It was a small place, intimate and friendly.

But now that we've added a lot more kids, we also have more teachers, more support staff, more of everything. And with that, we've brought in a "hater."

I have absolutely no idea what her beef is with me; I support everyone who needs help, and I do it with a smile, and usually a joke. So when she started giving me some bullshit snark, random "shots" for no reason, I just ignored it, figuring she'd get tired of it and settle in.

But no, it appears she's found a weak minded drone to follow her along, who turns out to be the fifth grade teacher who I trained for a good 5 years. She came to us, she didn't know shit from shinola, and I created some great materials, and showed her the ropes.

Now she hangs with her hater, and gives me shit for this and that. I really don't want or need her shit, and I find her lack of gratitude to be despicable.

Fuckin' hater...

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  • Otter Otter
    5 weeks ago

    It really is a shame when people cause drama for no reason other than to stir the pot, huh? Hopefully they will get bored soon and realize they're making themselves look like asses. In the meantime, keep on spreading your sunshine, Rav!

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