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Day 340

He thinks sleep is for the weak

And I'm so weak.

I feel so melodramatic as I come here to write this out but oh my god I need more than 5 hours of completely broken sleep. He's getting up as getting upset about it 6 times a night, on a good night.

I'm at my limit. Husband is grating on me every time I ask him to take over and 15 minutes in he's fed up. I've been dealing with this all frikkan day, please give me an hour to myself! I just need sleep. I don't even get to sleep when he's with him because what mother can sleep through their babies heart breaking wailing?

He's holding me hostage at night and I need to break out.

Just let me sleep.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 weeks ago

    Sleep deprivation is bad for everyone involved; this sounds to me like domestic abuse.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    5 weeks ago

    Have you tried having him in bed with you so that you can sleep? I know that it's not ideal, can be dangerous, but if you are at your limit it might be the only way to get a bit of sleep. I did that from time to time when I was feeling like you. Instinctively you are on the alert your baby is there so I don't think it's too dangerous. But he is comforted and therefore so are you.

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  • Befalus Befalus
    4 weeks ago

    Tell me about it, Rav!

    We are cosleeping now, George. We have a next to me cot and we have a bed rail on our bed so he can't go anywhere. It's helped a bit, he doesn't get as upset but he's still waking loads. It will get better eventually, thanks for the advice xx

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