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Day 3

He was in that film with that other guy?

I went home after work yesterday with my mood a little mixed, but we had some friends over and the evening went pretty well.

We had an evening of Gaming (dice rolling RP kind) I never did D&D as a kid, but do quite enjoy the escapism as an adult.

Truth be told I'm quite the geek, I've always enjoyed Sci Fi & fantasy ever since I was a kid. I think it's where my utter love of film & cinema in general started. I have this ability to look at an actor and tell you what they were in before and who else was in it. This is not something I actively try to do it just happens. This quite often leads to friends asking the title of todays entry... I'm good, but not that good! However if you ask me to remember something really important you might as well forget it!

This does mean however I'm popular on a pub quiz team!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    93 months ago

    D&D is awesome! you are fortunate in remembering names. i cannot remember names of actores and that even if my life depended on it. i do the whole bit of "you know that guy... has that hair... from that movie we've seen some time ago..." not very helpful to say the least. haha

  • Sara Sara
    93 months ago

    Isn't it funny how we remember some things but forget others? I don't have your ability but I knew one who did and it always impressed me.

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