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Day 735

Here's Where We Are: Corona Virus Diaries Day 6

Today is the first week of "Zoom Shabbas" - we congregate around our screens at 10:30 am to share prayers and blessings. There are many people I've never seen before, sprinkled in among the regulars.

Afterwards, I FaceTime with a close friend, as well as my daughter. We're a bit on edge, because we don't know what will happen in the next few weeks, or the next few hours, for that matter. We're going on about our lives, but still waiting.

One of our city councilmembers demands that not only schools be closed, but bars, restaurants and other gathering places as well.

NewGal meets me, and we walk to my house, stopping in at the drugstore to see a line of 20 customers and only one elderly cashier.

We visit an aged friend of mine; she's practicing "social distancing." I bring her homemade gruyere bread, cream cheese and a roll of paper towels.

We go out for dinner at a tiny little restaurant, not knowing if it will be the last one in a restaurant for a few weeks or months.

Tomorrow I head up to the mountains to be alone for a week. Daughter worries I may not come back.

We don't know our futures.

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