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Day 272

Hey Carissa - DESERT STAR

I couldn't sleep last night.

I had the wildest, sexual dreams, they kept me up all night besides 3 lovely hours of slumber. When I woke, I even remembered a sexual poem I dreamt of. I'll post it tomorrow maybe.

Today has been mental in the shop, 6 pallets stacked floor-to-bloody-ceiling that weighed a tonne, was awkwardly shaped, and I only had Charly helping me.

I'm back home now thankfully, chilling with Chip. I just finished my rainbow roundie which is big enough to be a blanket for two. Crazy stuff.

What do I do with my time now? Well, I have been making tiny crocheted toys and I'm getting pretty crafty at it. I've had a go at making my own little monsters from my children's books into real teddies! They don't look half bad.

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