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Day 547

Hmmm, met a nice woman last night.... but is she....


It was a warm Friday night and I had a good day (especially with the optimistic reports about my kidney), so I hiked over to the park to see an outdoor concert of Cumbia music, which is a dance music originating from South America.

I sat down at the end of the row, and a small woman with tanned skin, blue shirt and black pants sits in front of me, sipping a beer. She lets her hair down and moves her head to the music and as it does, her hair brushes against my knees.

During the main act, everybody is dancing and swaying to the rhythm, and I peek at her once in a while. I want to say something, but I've read that woman who are out alone don't like being approached, because they usually want a break from some guy hitting on her.

She leaves her seat to get another beer, and asks me to watch her bag. I warn her that I can't be trusted, but she smiles and goes anyway. While she is away, I slip a note in her bag: "You're cute and you dance well." followed by my name and number....

to be continued....

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