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Day 242


Sunday with a cheap tasty coffee looking at all the families and couples arriving for lunch in a run down town.

Story of Cornwall in a sentence.

A place you have little choice of life, future or relationships. Just like most of the UK and probably a lot of the world.

If only Dignitass was open to all, the world would be a better place. It might wake humanity from its sleepwalk to oblivion, it seems nothing else will.

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  • Hachiko Hachiko
    39 months ago

    Reading your post made me pick up on a few things. First of all, I was surprised to see a post from you, then your words of little choice of life, future or relationships. Who is choosing for you Z? I believe that we all make active choices of things everyday in life. We are aware of some and others might feel like an obligation rather than a choice but then again we could choose differently...
    I don't agree with you that assisted suicide would make the world a better place and I'm sad that you get this way...
    I think that things can change and improved even when te process might be difficult at times. So I guess my question to you is could you think differently about choices? How would that change your phenomenology? Who can support you in this process besides yourself?

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  • Zeotrope Zeotrope
    39 months ago

    Hi H, I appear now and again.
    Choices are weird little creations in which you are always responsible for yourself based on the best knowledge you have. Good or bad choice is determined by history even if you always think it's a good choice or you think you could have chosen better. There was only ever the choice you made and it's self delusion and bias to think otherwise.
    The word thing about choice is the lack of it, because choice is determined by your social setting, economic ability etc. So my choices in life have far been more limited than those living in a major city but thats life and everyone is limited in this own way. The difficult part is when you constantly see it but can do little about it to effect change. Choice is different from options and options is what we would all prefer.
    As for life or not, I think of it as choice and one that our social system does not allow, which is a shame in my opinion. As Hume would argue, a person who is occupied and given purpose would not think of death but deny purpose you deny life. If you have served a purpose and feel content why can't you leave? Because it's not socially accepted, immoral or a sin, you could say making someone live is immoral because got are denying them choice. Life is the only act of free will, so what does that lack of choice say?
    Help in choice introduces bias of others. My phenomenology would be historic and falls into the trap of using history to determine future. The quintessential human problem, we can only live in the present but rely on our past to guide our future but only the past that worked to bring us to the present. We ignore the failures or worse put it down to bad luck. It was just a choice that didn't work not a bad choice so we fool ourselves.

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  • Hachiko Hachiko
    39 months ago

    Dear Z,
    I almost got dizzy when I started reading your brought back some memories and left me a bit overwhelmed with words. Now as I was reading for an essay I sa this and you came to my thoughts as I found it very appropriate for what you said: "the person who is aware knows what he does, how he does it, that he has alternatives and that he chooses to be as he is". Gary Yontef
    I believe that despite our own phenomenology which is nothing more than the sum of raw data and a fair amount of assumptions, rather than past experiences (mind these asumptions can come from the past) awareness prevails and definitely puts things into perspective at least for me Z. Don't have to fool yourself any longer, just more aware :-)

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  • Zeotrope Zeotrope
    38 months ago

    I like the quote by Yontef apart from the ending which I feel is a simplification of limited abstract choice. We can never know the outcome of a choice so by choosing to stay the same is not making a choice. We all try to change to be better, either a better or worse version of our present self.
    Those who have clarity of self know limited choices, they know a better way but that choice is never there unless chance plays a large part in their lives.
    Awareness is the biggest curse, to be content and see the world they way most people see that would be the way to live.
    Phenomenology is raw data that defies catagorising as it's subjective unless you gather a large sum of it but could it then become qualitative data and you could infer meaning or fit the data to theory.

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