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Day 706

Home again

First stop, the hospital to get Beloved’s right foot looked at. The nurse said that if he continued his wound would get worse. I took a photo of it for insurance purposes. We hope to get back our travel costs via our travel insurance. We took a train to Newcastle and a metro to Whitley Bay and from there we picked up our car and drove home.

We dropped in on Sid and Nancy on the way. They live in Lincolnshire, just 3 miles off the motorway. Sid has been very unwell with arthritis and rheumatism. He is on steroids for a year. His voice is weak and higher and he has put on weight as a result. Very sad to see. He was sweating like a pig when we arrived. He had been clearing out gutters and playing golf which had made him sweat like that, that’s what he said. I guess it’s the steroids. Nancy was well and friendly which was a nice change.

Got back to Buddy and Ma. A bit anxious about having Buddy here for a whole week. At least he can help with Ma.

And actually we had a really nice evening together.

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