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Day 664

Home briefly

Sunny returned home today for a couple of hours and then went off to stay the night with a friend. The day after tomorrow he goes to Brighton for a week. I didn’t kiss or hug him hello and he didn’t me. He was thin and angular. He had the best hair cut I’ve seen him have. He looked very handsome. I just hope he has managed to get through to the second year of his course. That’s the most important thing. And then he needs to get a job and learn to drive this summer. We’ll see. I think I’m sadder than I’ll admit to myself. Thank goodness Peachy and Apple are still here.

Ma was angry with me this evening. Every evening there is a long dig in her pockets for her door key. I ask her to put it on the hook when she comes in and then it’s easy to find when she goes out. But she insists on keeping it in her pocket. So I said, impatiently, ‘Jezuz Christ!’ when she couldn’t find it tonight. So she mimicked me. I should have apologised but said it didn't matter. It did to her.

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