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Day 707

Home life

Peachy and I took Ma to a garden. Ma says nothing. We have a nice time wandering about. But Ma is in great pain and reminds me of Beloved. She winces with every step. We walk for half an hour and then take the buggy back to the car. She looks fatter after staying with her sons. They are less careful about her weight and exercise than me. I am sure she was glad of that and I feel sorry I am such a strict carer. She is quite round and weak now.

At supper Buddy took a photo of Apple with his plate of rice and tomato ketchup. I told him not to. I told him that I was ashamed that Apple did not eat the same meal as us and it made me feel embarrassed and that I did not appreciate him taking Apple at a disadvantage. What for, other than to make fun of him? Buddy said he thought it was funny, that’s all. But he did delete the photo.

After the news he went swiftly to bed after making loud kissing noises goodnight, as though making fun of me. I find him odd.

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