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Day 284


All my life I have been moved and shifted, picked up and let down, without so much as asking me how I feel about moving country yet again.

Every couple of months, very rarely a year, my folks would kick up the dust and love us somewhere with a new language, new culture, new religion, new history. I'd have to adapt, I didn't have another choice, I didn't have a vote.

Because of all of this, I don't have a home. Not really. I don't have a place that makes me feel safe and wanted, loved and rooted. I don't feel safe. I don't feel wanted. I don't feel loved. I don't feel rooted.

I want to build a home. I want a little place in paradise, somewhere warm. I want to get a whole load of green plants and vines, put them everywhere in that home. I want fox decor, I want dreamcatchers, I want fairy lights, I want colour, I want paint and crafts... I want to build a cosy little haven with my dog and hopefully one day, a partner.

Maybe one day. Maybe one day, soon.

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  • Otter Otter
    5 months ago

    If you could live anywhere, where would you plant your roots?

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  • Savannah Bear Savannah Bear
    5 months ago

    Hello Otter,
    If I could live anywhere in the world without the issue of money or having to get legal residency, I think I would love in either Spain or Australia. Those have been my most favourite places I've ever lived. Warm, sunny, and the people are lovely. What about you? Where do you live now? And where would you go if you could?

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  • Otter Otter
    5 months ago

    I wish I traveled more, but I have very firm roots in Texas (and in the swamps of Louisiana - since we visit family there once or twice a year) in the United States. I've been out of the country once, and it was just to cross the border into Canada for an hour to a gift-shop. LOL! Never really experienced life anywhere else. Though my family is a legion in its own right (I've got 36 first-cousins), we're all incredibly close though miles apart physically. Especially me and my parents. They've loved me with all they have, and I want to be close to care for them when they get older. For me, it's not so much the physical place as much as it is being close to my loved ones. My self-identity is partially tied to my family's heritage and the stories they pass down. I want any children I have to experience that same massive amount of unconditional love.

    Though... if I could bring the entire hoard with me and money wasn't an issue, I think I'd enjoy Colorado and its fresh air. ;) I'd miss real BBQ, Cajun culture, and Texan recklessness though. LOL

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