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Day 143

Honeybun is partially deaf

Yesterday I'd sent Honeybun to an ear specialist to have his right ear examined. He'd had an infection, and has been on antibiotics for it for about a month. He was complaining that his hearing was kind of muffled. Well folks, the ear infection is finally gone, but his eardrum had burst and healed with lots of scar tissue. His hearing in that ear will never be the same, and there isn't much they can do about it. One blessing is that, knowing he had no insurance and seeing his heartbreak, they only charged 1/4th the normal price for the visit. I've told him to use the leftover money to try the steroids they've suggested might improve the hearing a bit, but he's currently in mourning. The man loves everything audio - designing/building speakers, the physics of acoustics, the effects of different sound-waves, etc. It was a big hit to him. Once he settles a bit I'll see if he'll agree to try the steroids. I'd hate for him to regret not trying, but I also won't push it too much. Instead, I'll pick up his favorite dessert (cheesecake) and some alcohol on the way home and comfort him.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    5 weeks ago

    I'm so sorry - I can't imagine being in his position and losing the sense that you love so much.... I hope the steroids can help. Blessings to you for being so supportive....

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