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Day 5

How much makes a relationship?

Is 20 minutes a day on the phone enough to sustain a relationship? We used to text all the time, all day; but he can’t see well yet so we’re down to phone calls. We were never that great on the phone. We’ve been long-distance since the beginning, with the expectation of periodic visits mid-tour, but now there’s no plan. He’s back home, 2400 miles away and there’s no way of knowing when he’ll be able to travel again and I can’t just hop a flight whenever I want. What if this is it? What if this is as good as it gets? I can’t relocate, we haven’t been together long enough to make it sane to even consider it. If he doesn’t get any better that means constant care... am I willing to provide that? A man I’ve only known a year, who’s only acknowledged me as his girlfriend since he woke up a month ago... am I prepared to commit myself to a lifetime of helping him get around, helping him eat and dress?

I know I don’t have to make any choices right now. I can wait and see ...
But I can’t help thinking about it.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    19 months ago

    Not after a year but then do you love him? Can you sacrifice your life for him? Would you miss him ? These are some questions you have to ask yourself and more !!!!!!

  • Rodeo Rodeo
    19 months ago

    Mmmm. Being a carer is a very hard job. As you are questioning your feelings I would go with your gut and move on. This would be no bad reflection upon your personality:it would show your strength in making the decision xx

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