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Day 79

Hurdles at Work

It's really not good to be in front of a student, teaching online via video, with sweat dripping down my face. It was honestly THAT hot. I couldn't wipe my sweat, cause that wouldn't look too good. So all I could do was hope the student wasn't looking at the video too intently to notice the stupid liquid dripping down my face.

It was horrible. I can't afford to buy an airconditioner right now, but I really have to. Soon. Really soon. ASAP. I'm so motivated to buy one right now, because it's straining my motivation to work. I hate working right now, it's irritating and I always can't wait to remove my blazer and just breathe. Cause it's sooo uncomfortable.

I'm just venting. I know I should do something about it, and I will. This is my bread and butter. I can't slack off. Especially not just because of the weather.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    27 months ago

    How about not putting your blazer on?

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  • ilostmyheart ilostmyheart
    27 months ago

    I wish. Unfortunately, it's a required professional attire.

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