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Day 742

Hurt and reconciliation

Last night we watched a Spanish film called Juiliet which was moving. About relationships, particularly a mother / daughter relationship, looking at dependency and guilt. Relevant to us.

As I took Ma to her room she wanted to put on her hat for the tiny walk across. It wasn’t raining so I took it from her and told her not to bother. She became angry. She thought I was angry. I told her I am never angry with her which is probably true. I am irritated and impatient but not angry. Poor her. I wondered if she was hurt by the film. In the film the daughter runs away from her overly dependent mother. Maybe she understood that much.

This morning she came in full of apology. She said how sorry she was. She had been so horrible to me last night. Please could I forgive her. I do everything for her. Please forgive her. She hadn’t been able to sleep. I was very sorry for her. Poor thing. I hadn’t even thought about it. She said she couldn’t even remember why she had been so angry with me, just that she was. I recalled the film for her.

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