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Day 73

I am the walking version of movie "Beautiful Mind"

My life has been 47 years of supreme anxiety because I inherited my grandmother's schizophrenia. When life got too stressful, I had to survive. I finally understood the added stress just recently, when I noticed that all of you are moving 1/7th my speed. I have (7) consciences all with unique voices. The anger when I get zero sleep is uncontrollable. When I want to scream, sometimes I hear several voices. I never see people. I only hear them. My intelligence level would have depressed me with loneliness otherwise, especially in Desert Storm & college. I have never ever been alone. I've never felt alone. Ever.

Until this week... it's more relaxing than my entire life has been now...

Knowing is the cure. None of this would've materialized without Cannabis. 47 years of pain & undue stress.

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