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Day 478

I can't help it if I'm lucky....

I look back at my last eight Valentines Days, and I realized that for all of them I had a "sweetie" with whom I could spend a nice evening. This year I was with NWID ("New Woman I'm Dating") for whom I made a nice meal and we engaged in spectacular sex afterwards.

Last year I was with "Red," and we had a nice evening out at the theatre and yes, spectacular sex.

For the three Valentines Days before that, "Charmante" and I celebrated the night before, for our first date was on Friday, February 13th, so we went out the night before and had spectacular sex in the wee hours of Valentines morning.

For the three VDs before that, I was with "Old GF" and it was a big production all week long. Too exhausted for sex.....

And the VD before that? A short term relationship with a beautiful but troubled woman. We went to see a dance performance and went back to her place where we had fairly mellow, but enjoyable sex.

What can I say? It's not that I'm a super-attractive, jacked up man with a gazillion dollars. What I am is a tireless pursuer of women and just damned lucky.

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