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Day 280

I don't believe him any more

Last night was so weird. I didn't eat. I was too nervous and anxious. I was making plans with mum to move back in as I've nowhere else to go. Luke was totally grilling me about everything he had read and translated in my diary.

He'd gone way back. He'd read everything. He had taken pictures with his phone. Oh my god. I was furious and felt totally betrayed.

I fell asleep on the couch because I was not sleeping in bed with him, but he fell asleep on the couch too. I barely slept. Too nervous. I didn't trust him any more enough to sleep near him comfortably.

In the early morning hours, he gets off the couch and gets into bed without me. Then I see he's on his phone for a very long time, the screen lightning up the ceiling.

When he finally puts his phone down, I hear him start to sob. He sobbed hard. I couldn't actually bear to hear him cry so, I got into bed with him and held him right until he calmed down.

Today he told me he was sorry to have done what he did. That he would work on his emotions.

I don't believe him.

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