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Day 343

I finally got a job, and it's a great one

I'm working at Maker&Sons! Previously I had only been a freelance model for them a couple of times for their magazines and office décor, but now I'm a manager of admin and I've got great benefits and a decent salary. I am so glad that I aced that interview - I got hired right in the room!

The majority of the people in the company are vegan and are so friendly. I'll get my own desk AND I'm allowed to bring Chip to work!

The place I'll work in is beautiful, it's in the middle of nowhere outside of a country house, refurbished stables have been turned into a swanky office and I'm starting on Thursday!

How exciting!

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  • George Smith George Smith
    5 weeks ago

    Congratulations! That's great news - I hope you'll be very happy there. x

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