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Day 228

I forgot that I forgot today

Ho hum Friday!

Work as normal and lots of files to collect off site, so nothing new there. managed to cycle half distance after the downpour of Thursday.

Feeling a bit out of place but think its probably just the prospect of the weekend and not being occupied all day, which is nothing new these days.

Waiting in for BT to show so they speed up my internet again, why is the country so slow. Yet again something we have a hand in creating and because we don't do anything well (apart from destruction) we have been embarrassed by nearly every nation with national internet coverage and woefully slow compared to Europe, our average 14.7 so sloooooow!

Give the UK its due, it does crap well though. We are the only country who can turn up to a G7 summit and none of our ministerial mobiles work because we are still on 3G, embarrassing!

So after installing a little box I'm now back in the dark ages of internet.

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