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Day 292

I have a very early baby boy

Baby was meant to arrive 8th June. He had other plans.
Baby boy was born at 2.11am today, weighing in at 3 pounds and 10 ounces, only 31 weeks and 4 days gestation time. He is so precious.
I apparently have a womb that is bigger on one side than the other. His head was under my ribs on the left hand side, he was in breach position, he was footling, and he was facing forward.
They did an emergency C section to deliver him. His foot was already in my cervix.
I don't know if it was my body deciding enough was enough, or if he decided he didn't want to be in the womb any longer. If I'm honest, it sounds like if he had grown any further we were about to get into serious space complications.
It means my C section was so much more dangerous, as they found out my womb was weird after the cut me open. I was on the table for such a long time. Much longer than normal.
I'm feeling so lucky that we are both okay, all things considered. All those what ifs are buzzing around.

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