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Day 712

I may be in pain, but it won't stop me...

I'm an irrepressible cook, so when I get home from a long day, and I'm tired and just want to eat, I do what any normal person would do: I cook.

So Monday I made a tomato ragu, as well as some pizza dough... worked until 6:45 pm, home by 7:45, and threw together two pizzas with fresh mushrooms, the ragu and mozzella....

Another evening I got home, took a nap on the heating pad, woke up hungry and it was a salmon pot pie (somewhat deconstructed - since I didn't want to make a crust, I just took some rosemary bread, toasted it and rubbed garlic on it.

Tonight it was cauliflower curry - I looked in the pantry and it turned out I was out of coconut milk, so I walked to the corner bodega and what do you know: they had not one, but two "good" brands of full fat coconut milk!

And even though I'm in pain much of the time, I get engaged with chopping and sautéing, mixing, opening, and seasoning.....

Whatever happens I know that nothing will keep me away from the things I love.... not even this abominable, near constant, bullshit pain....

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  • Otter Otter
    13 days ago

    Those all look delicious!

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