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Day 323

I really need to get a grip on my anxiety

Luke went to work today as normal. When I woke up this morning I sent him a good morning text and he said he's going to come home; he's being stuck because he's in a state.

My first thoughts were that is probably the pizza from last night-his poor tummy always gets a bit funny after pizza. My second and other thoughts, however, are all swirling around in my stomach and making me sick. I feel like he properly didn't tell me why he was in a state because somehow I'm the cause of it.
Luke didn't just get into States. Something big has to happen. He wouldn't tell me what so now I'm waiting on pins and needles, my stomach sick with worry and anxiety, hoping he gets here as soon as possible so I can put my mind to rest.

I don't know why anxiety does this to me. I really need some medication or something to stop it from having such a powerful impact on me, is been this way for years but nothing seems to help.

Any suggestions? Home remedies?

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  • Otter Otter
    5 weeks ago

    I can understand this. I'm a pretty anxious person myself, and I will overthink something until I've built up so much tension in my body that I become incapable of any movement except shaking from the tension - like I'm a vibrating rock (if that makes sense). I'll be so pressurized that the only way to release it is to scream (into a pillow or in my car while my stereo is cranked up) or just burst into tears. I still get like this sometimes, but I have found a little meditation that helps when I feel my brain whizzing too much. I'll comment it next.

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  • Otter Otter
    5 weeks ago

    Sit in a chair or on the floor (but with your back straight and head up) and close your eyes. Imagine an elevator inside of you, right behind your belly button. Imagine the doors open and all of your worries stepping inside (I tend to make them look silly). Inhale deep, and see the elevator go up to your ribs. Exhale (if more worries come to mind, "open" the door and let them step in.). Inhale again and see the elevator rise to your heart. Exahale, let more worries into the elevator if they come. Inhale the elevator up to your mouth. Exhale. One more inhale and raise the elevator to the top of your head. Hold the breath for an extra beat. Then open the doors, and exhale all of the worries out of the elevator and into the void. At the end I tend to command them not to come back, close the elevator, and sit there a moment before opening my eyes. It's great for slowing my heart and mind when things get crazy.

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