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Day 334

I should just title all entries "lack of sleep"

Lying awake worrying about baby's lack of sleep. Loosing my sleep worrying about his. He's sleeping right now, but it's his bedtime I'm starting to get worried about.

I have my new roster for work. I'm going to need to get up at roughly 3.30am to be in work on time for my earliest shifts.

Baby doesn't settle until midnight currently. I have just under a month to see if I can start to get him down earlier again.

I started stressing myself because I was reading up on sleep routines on all those websites who want a small fortune out of you to help you train your baby to sleep.

If we weren't buying a house right now, I may have been suckered into it.

He is such a good baby, but this late bedtime is really not good for him. An overtired baby doesn't sleep well. I need to start cracking down and putting the work in again. It'll help him settle if I can start sorting myself out for him.

I just feel full of insecurity, self doubt and fear of doing the wrong thing at the moment. And it's not going away no matter what I do.

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