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Day 609

I shouldn't be dating, but I can't stop trying...

In these days when most of my attention should be focused on my health, I'm still interested in dating. Sure, my libido is at 25% because of the hormone treatments, but I still find myself looking at women and thinking, "hmmm, she looks nice...."

And in many respects, I'm a total "catch." I'm easy on the eyes, I am respectably employed (4 separate income streams...), I own my own house, can take care of myself, and put me in a kitchen.... and I like women: I am kind to my dates, never allowing them to pay for anywhere we go (because we pay them 70 cents for every dollar I earn.)

So I go on OkCupid and look around, and each day there's usually a message from someone in a place where I ain't going (New Jersey? Sorry, no...) and even if I were, it would to visit a Fugly like you....

But every once in a while a woman gives me a glance, and I glance back at her, and I feel a spark, just a little one, and based on that, I feel like maybe thee are possibilities.

But only if I stick to it, and that's hard....

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