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Day 625

I still need a girlfriend....

So, the kidney seems to be healing pretty well: once I got past the initial pain, handled by a combination of ibuprofen and acetominaphen, I was back up to speed.

But I don't have a lot of "speed" these days - my knee is still healing, and while walking is getting easier, heavy lifting and stairs are still a problem.

And while the knee will heal, and the tumors will shrink and disappear, I'll still have to sit with this: I would reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy like a girlfriend.

It's not all sexual, but more about someone whom I could cuddle with on the couch or under the covers, with whom I can share a smile or joke, whom I could cook for and share some laughs. I'm not high maintenance by any means.

But there's this: I do like a nice looking woman. I mean, really nice looking. No, she doesn't have to look all fake like a fashion model, but I do trend towards a type. My friends would call it "hot," but I would say "easy on the eyes."

They've also revealed themselves, in time, to have inordinate complex lives, or to have some "issues" that led to relationship demise.

Why is it so hard?

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