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Day 813

I wish I had never had my mother diagnosed

I finally managed to win Ma’s liberty back for her. The pressure cushion was removed. If Ma wants to walk and feels able she may. Common sense returns.

The episode has shown me the truth and I fear that the management will ask Ma to leave. I went to have a look at a home for dementia for her. I cannot put Ma in such a place. Either James could have her as he suggested a long time ago, or she could go with Buddy to Bali and be looked after there. In Indonesia the elderly are respected and treated kindly. Here she would lose her liberty, dignity and privacy. We (Beloved came with me) were told that for every person who came to that place they would take out a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DOLS). She would not be free. I don’t know what to do.

This evening when I called she said, ‘George, is there something wrong with me? I feel very confused. I don’t know where I am.' I said, ‘You are in the Nursing Home. You are completely safe and well looked after. The coronavirus is keeping me away. It's not safe for you tohave visitors.'

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