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Day 509

I would rather have a really, really "bad" date....

She was right on time, standing in front of the sushi place, looking at her phone. She looked up, smiled, asked "are you Rav?" and I smiled and nodded yes. She stated, "I'm sorry, I have a client who is suicidal. I have to help her." My heart sank: she looked much older than her photos, and she was going to spend her time texting. Yech....

I went into the place and got us a seat. She sat down to text, so I went to the bathroom and thought about how I could get away from this woman. I held my breath and hoped that things would improve.

And they did: we had a pleasant discussion, her about her client, me about life in general. We talked about music, life in NYC, I told her about the dance performance we were going to see, and it wasn't all that bad. She could hold up a conversation. But I really didn't feel attraction towards her.

The dance performance was wonderful and we chatted about the different pieces. She hurried me to the subway, shook my hand, gave me a smile and it was over.

I know I'll never see or hear from her again.

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