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Day 582

I'm literally going to abandon them on Thursday at noon....

It all came to a head today in the car driving home. I was pointing out to IdioticEx that if you rent something for 2 days and keep it for 5, you probably should do more than leave the item out front of the store with some money tossed into the letterbox.

Well, this made IdioticEx flaming mad, and she proceeded to harangue me about my moral values (I think it's actually something closer to courtesy, but that's another matter.) She got even angrier, and then she started getting royally bitchy.....

Upshot is this: I'm going to abandon them on Thursday. I am going to somehow get through tomorrow, then pretend we're all going to the station to get on the train together. I'm going to drop them off out front and drive away and never return.

They'll get on the train, I'll return the car after they're gone, get on my train and then get on a plane the next day and just forget about them.

For 15 years they've sucked on me, and now I'm ready to shake them off.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. We're finished and done. Or, in the words of Bob Dylan, "it's all over now, baby blue..."

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