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Day 620

If I had to work on Mondays....

.... I would never get anything done!

First up: radiation therapy, then to accupuncture, then shopping, then doing the machines at the gym (to compensate for the muscle and bone mass I may be losing from the hormone treatments), then home for lunch, then to another doctor to get some forms filled out for work (vaccination reports) and my surgery on Thursday (yes, more of that nonsense.)

Then it's off to tutor two kids: one who is extremely precocious and funny, and then an hour with one who is charming but will never be the high achiever his parents want him to be.....

.... and if that isn't enough, YoungFriend wants to take me out for birthday dinner ("how many times will you turn 60, Rav?") So we go to some fancy joint where I flirt shamelessly with the cute women on the wait staff, and crack corny jokes with all the others. And this restaurant is filled with nubile women.... but of course, I'm hobbling around on "the stick," so I look like a pitiful gimp....

.... and home sweetest of home, because I've got to wake up at 6:15 and start all over again.

Life is a carnival, believe it or not....

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