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Day 516

If I were to create an online dating site....

it would be a terrible place. I'd allow users to report one another for their stupid behaviors and report them to moderators who would slap the violators upside their head.


"Users who "like" you and then you write them, and they never write back." - suspend their account for a few days, and limit the number of "likes" they can give. The system encourages "overswiping" by doing the "shotgun" effect of swiping on everyone, and then seeing who takes the bait.

"Ghosting" - How about users who ghost others have it posted on their profiles? There would be a counter that shows how many people they've ghosted in the last 30 days. Maybe their behavior would improve if they knew it would be publicly known.

"Misrepresentation" - We've all been out with people who look nothing like their photos. Let's add a feature where you people who have been out on dates can rate the accuracy of the photos, from 0 - 100%, based on the percentage of resemblance (in 5% intervals.) Yeah, I'd love to give some of my dates 40% ratings.....

"Does not phone." These are the ones who say they want to chat, then never use your number. Remove them!

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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    3 months ago

    You shouldn’t be able to upload a photo dated more than 6 months old either... and if they get that old while on the site they should delete themselves. I peeked in on the site I used years ago a few times and it was always the same men, and the same photos. Some of them were there 5 years later.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    3 months ago

    Right? I would be more generous and say a year, but I know the same thing with women - some are kind enough to put dates on their photos. But why do I want to see what you looked like 8 years ago when you were hotter?

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