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Day 39

If only sometimes, you could do it all over!

I used to play the violin - okay, I wasn't amazing or anything; but I was stage performance good. I was only, what - not even a teenager, so many of you will probably think that it doesn't count. The point is, I enjoyed it - it made me enthralled, I was captured by the sound of the music I just never "got round" to doing it.

It's a really big shame. I've always been interested in playing the piano, as well - but again; when do you find the time to accomplish your dreams, hopes; and absolute wishes!?

On a lighter note... You may be feeling glum, but at least you haven't got a big(ger) tum; so lift your chin, or I'll slap your bum!? HAHAHA.. So made that up, but hope you're okay; I'll be here - fo0o0or you, when the rain starts to fall. ;) BYE!

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  • Waiting for a life Waiting for a life
    79 months ago


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  • Mostly Angry Mostly Angry
    79 months ago

    I played the guitar as a child and was good. Not amazing, but good. I've just picked it up again and decided that whilst I'm pregnant I'm going to practice every day. Can you go back to it?

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  • FlyAway FlyAway
    79 months ago

    Yeah, I would love to get back into it, but I just don't have the time. It's the start of my career and I have so much to do, so little time - doing an apprenticeship along side for everything, too... Though, when/if I ever fall pregnant, I'd love to be able to practice every day, they say music is a great stimulus for unborn children. :]

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