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Day 675

In 8 hours, I swallow my last pill.....

I'm sure you must think I'm all crazy - I've counted radiation treatments up and down, even though it's been 42 days ago, I continue to send postcards to the crew that performed the therapy each day. Sunday I'll send them my last card, 44 in all, one for each day of treatment.

I started 6 months ago, June 21st; it was the day after the school year concluded with the staff party..... and today was our party celebrating the beginning of winter break. Somehow there is symmetry in life....

I sat down with my teaching "brother" whom I kept in the dark this entire time. I explained that I kept it limited to a few persons, because I abhor sympathy and I didn't feel like answering a lot of questions. I explained why I was coming in late, walking with a crutch for several weeks, and why I was marking my left arm. It felt good to share with him my story....

At work I also have a colleague whom I'll just refer to as my "work daughter," the one I lent a lot of money to so that she could live her dream. She seemed so glad to see me....

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