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Day 445

In which I keep my cards close to the table....

I'm a "senior" member of my staff, which means I've been in my profession (education) longer than most of the staff has been alive. That's fine: I know my knowledge has validity, and I'm eager to share my skills and make teachers the best they can be. I tell teachers this up front: my job is to make them look good, because if they look good, I look good.

But because they're young, they really don't understand that playing politics is not in their interest, but they try it anyway. It usually backfires, because even though they try to do end runs and go over my head to my bosses, I always figure out who they are, and then I say the same thing to my bosses: if they have a problem with what I'm doing, tell them to come to me.

And if they continue going over me, I know that in the end, it will bite them on the ass, because my bosses know I have a lot more cred than they ever will, so I just wait.

One thing I have is patience; I can play the "long game" and eventually they will end up at my feet, apologizing.

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