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Day 673

Inside the circle

We live our lives in circles. Chasing round and round, but always inside that same safe perimeter. We’re not going up, just keeping the boundary tightly about us, defining our circle. But what happens if we fall out of the circle? Then we become bitter, twisted, shouty, trying to get back in. Those inside look at those outside and are determined to keep them out. They don’t want them polluting their circle. Outsiders are not pure, think differently, they do not belong. They challenge, don’t look or smell right, they are too loud. Outsiders will always remain outside the circle. It is so in childhood just as it is in adulthood. It is the way that society functions.

Inside the circle it is very cosy, lots of hubbub and friendly chatter, lots of bon homie. They holiday together, laughing, their manners and clothes are the same, they recognise each other instinctively, even when they don’t know each other. One of us. They live by the same unwritten code, the same values, desires, ambitions. Economically they are the same. They mirror each other which is comforting. It feels good to be inside the circle.
Until you can’t keep up.

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