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Day 71


Jay Shetty
I find him so inspirational
In my job I need plenty of PMA and at the moment I am struggling looking for strategies to deal with what is being thrown at me...
I am being negative and finding it hard to shift my mind sense, I am looking at the positivity when I am removed from the situation but I need to hold that in the moment and deal with situations in a better way than I am doing at present.
My Support network is good but in the moment I have brain for and act on instinct
I have watched and listened to a few of you tube Jay Shetty and find them so useful , I need to apply the tool to the methodology
I take everything back to basics and unpick the stitches that are there and realise by using my Theraputic knowledge it will help smooth the ruffles
3 steps forward 2 steps back can be exhausting at times but I know that by repetitive ground hog day it will eventually carry some resonance......
God help me to help those around me .....

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