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Day 549

Interlude: Our first date, how old is she?

We agreed to see a band at a bar that we both like. I've seen the band a number of times: lots of horns, and a big bass drum, brassy and very danceable.

She shows up looking as cute as the night at the concert. We sit next to one another, sipping a beer before the show starts. She doesn't move away when I sit close to her, and I put my arm around her shoulder as we look at a map together on my phone, as I'm going on vacation to a city where she has lived.

The music starts and we stay for all three sets. At different points we're swaying to the music together, me embracing her from behind. I slip my hand up her blouse to hold feel her skin and hold her close, close my eyes and we sway to the jittery drums and crazy harmonies cascading through the horns.

I walk her to the subway station, and along the way we stop and kiss. Then as I wait with her for the train, we compare our subway stops, and I hold her and we kiss again.

"Will I see you again?"
"Of course!"

(I have no idea her age....)

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